Sprinkler System Sales, Repairs and Installations
Sprinkler System Repair - We provide all types of sprinkler system repair. Heads, Valves, Timers, Sprinklers, and Drip. Our technicians are trained and certified allowing them to specialize in all types of systems. We service every brand of sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Sprinkler Repair - Our main focus of business is the Sprinkler repair and drip repair. Our service warranties allow the customers to be assured that the sprinkler and drip repair have been done correctly. We are the original Sprinkler repair specialists. We fix it right the first time.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair - Lawn sprinkler repair and preventative maintenance are a requirement for a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn. Bi-annual tune-ups ensure proper and adequate water coverage. Our technicians use water conserving nozzles and applicators, so water is used efficiently.

Sprinkler Valve Repair - Low or no pressure usually is an indication of a sprinkler valve repair. Our technicians carry all types of valves and parts to ensure a quick and efficient fix.

Sprinkler Head Repair - Water conservation is very important in the state of Texas. A broken sprinkler wastes more water than any other part of your system. Sprinkler head repair consists of installing the proper head, changing the nozzles regularly, and maintaining the proper height of the head thru the riser.

Sprinkler Pipe Repair - Bubbling water or a wet area is usually the indications of a broken sprinkler pipe. Proper sprinkler pipe repair is our specialty. We use only the best quality pipe and fittings as well as the highest standard in primer and glue. Abrasive pipe preparation is mandatory on all repairs.

Irrigation Repair - Otherwise known as drip repair. Irrigation repair consists of the large and small poly hose/pipe. The poly is adaptable to all types of water distribution devices. Adjustable emitters and jet spray applicators are a few of the innovative ways to water. Proper water distribution saves money and promotes healthy trees and plants. We also can fertilize all your trees and plants thru the drip system, Just ask your technician!

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CERTIFIED Backflow Tester
Our Objective

Keep your drinking water safe. We provide conveniently scheduled backflow testing, repair and installation services to the DFW area. We pride ourselves on educating you, the water customer, on how to reduce the risk of inadvertently contaminating your private or the public water supply.

Why do I need my backflow assessed?

Backflow assemblies and devices have parts that can break down and wear out, just like the parts on your car.
By having the backflow tested annually, you will help to ensure the drinking water supplied to your home remains safe.
At H2O, we have certified backflow assembly testers on staff, who have attended a rigorous training program and are certified to inspect, test and repair all backflow assemblies and devices.

The undesirable reversal of flow in a potable (drinking) water distribution system, as a result of backsiphonage or backpressure.

What is backpressure?

Any condition that could create pressure in the non-potable piping system greater than in the potable water system. Pressure caused by gravity due to elevation differences is an example.

What is back siphonage?

A form of backflow due to a negative or sub-atmospheric pressure within a potable water system.

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French Drains, Area Drains and Drainage Correction
What is a French Drain?

French drain, drain tile, or land drain is a ditch covered with gravel or rock that redirects surface and ground water away from an area. A French drain can have hollow pipes along the bottom to quick vent water that seeps down through the upper gravel or rock. French drains are common drainage systems, primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. Alternatively, the French drain technique may be used to distribute water, such as that which flows from the outlet of a typical septic tank sewage treatment system. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

What is an Area Drain?

A receptacle designed to collect surface or rain water from an open area.

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Landscaping Services Available

Landscaping is both science and art, and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction, and blends them accordingly.

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